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          In the Romantic Saga ‘MUGHAL-E-AZAM’ prince Salim mightily expresses to his beloved Anarkali with a lot of passion in his voice: “MOHABBAT JO DARTI HAI, WOH MOHABBAT MOHABBAT NAI, AIYASHI HAI GUNAAH HAI” In-short, ‘LOVE MEANS FEARLESS’. If a person is truly in love, no matter what the odds, sense of fear …

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            Today is 25th December, celebrated every year as Christmas marking the birthday of the most passionate ‘JESUS CHRIST’ :D. Just thought of reminding myself while wishing everyone Christmas, having cakes and pastries, partying and enjoying the very auspicious sunday afternoon the ‘PASSION OF CHRIST’. What was the ‘PASSION OF CHRIST’? – …

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              Lately I learned how MIRACULOUSLY I was born (the incident is quite filmy though 🙂 ). Basically when mother was expecting me, she was physically quite ill, hence doctors advised to abort the child (me), if she wouldn’t then could cause danger to both of our lives. Doctors …

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