FLAX SEEDS – The Wonder Food!!

        Well want to reduce your weight and cholesterol levels? Would you like to reduce your risk of heart diseasecancerstroke, and diabetes? Want to get away with depression and gain a sound sleep? Well then read on.

FLAX SEEDS (alsi in hindi) is the wonder food at your service. Studies have revealed that people who include “FLAX SEEDS” in their diet, have lower cholesterol levels, reduced weight, reduced possibility of heart-diseases, cancer, diabetes and depression. Just 3 tablespoons a day -1.5 tablespoon in the morning and 1.5 tablespoon in the evening – will extend you vitality and sound health. People who suffer from weight problems, may cut-down their weight by including “FLAX SEEDS” in their diet, as it includes ‘OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS’, and is very low in carbohydrates, not to forget it has a high amount of minerals, vitamins and proteins

So how do we consume it? well never have “FLAX SEEDS’ in raw form. One should grind the flax seeds in a grinder and then consume the powdered “FLAX SEEDS” with curd or sprinkle it on salad, sandwich etc (1-2 tablespoons at a time per person)



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