Lately I learned how MIRACULOUSLY I was born (the incident is quite filmy though 🙂 ). Basically when mother was expecting me, she was physically quite ill, hence doctors advised to abort the child (me), if she wouldn’t then could cause danger to both of our lives. Doctors injected a very high dose of coitus aborting drug. 15 days later, when mother got examined, doctors got shocked. I was still there ( now 2 months old :)). They Were shocked cause 5 other patients were treated with the same drug and the result was positive. Mom got injected with a double dose (highest possible). 15 days down the line, ‘I WAS STILL THERE’. Doctors now suggested to just pray and pray, cause in any case, if the baby was  born, baby would be either dead or would be born with physical deformities like blindness, paralysis, mentally challenged (this still I may be :P) to name a few.

          Before My birth, my MOM prayed, prayed and prayed. Today I stand 6 feet 3 inches tall, I weigh 95 kg (rest you all know :P)

My point is, “MIRACLES DO HAPPEN” if we have faith in the ‘ALMIGHTY’ and no science, no matter how powerful, can explain it. KEEP THE FAITH GOING, KABHI-KABHI USSPAR CHHODNA PADTA HAI 😀



  1. pratiksha

    You r quite a miracle buddy !! N this also states the power of prayers!!

  2. Hey Thanx My Dear N Sweet Pratiksha!! 😀

  3. hii chirag its very touchy.coz i love my mom and dad very much. sometimes i affriad of lossing them coz everybody got their death one time. but if there is some miracle on earth happen on earth. then i want to give my age to them.

    • Wow Trupti, Dear I Must Say dat u possess avery kind heart and care a lot for ur parents. Really people like u are hard to find these days. Duaye duaye aur bas duaye aapke liye!!

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